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Our mission is to Inspire and Empower each person and family in our community with the knowledge and tools to live life at a higher level.

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Upper Back and Neck Pain




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Car Accidents

Disc Herniations

Reclaim your health in 42 days.

Burn fat, feel amazing, and finally get the results your want with the step-by-step Doctor Supervised Metabolic Reset Program.

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Revitalize Your Health with The Thrive Method

Is your health where you want it to be? At Thrive our number one mission is to have you living life at your highest level.  We are a full spectrum wellness center that takes a multi-faceted approach to your health.  This includes functional lab testing, lifestyle consulting, personalized nutrition plan, weight loss programs, supplementation, chiropractic care, and mindset mastery.  We want to arm you with the tools and knowledge so that you can take control of your health. 


Life is too short to let unresolved health issues stand in your way.   


Stop bouncing back and forth from one healthcare provider to another. You deserve a doctor that really listens, sees the whole picture and takes the time and has the knowledge to understand your needs. You need a doctor who actually addresses the cause, not just the symptoms.

Let the team at Thrive show you how to regain your health and live a long, vibrant life.

"I'm dedicated to helping you reach your health goals."

Put Bad Days Behind You...And Get Back To Being Happy!

If you are tired of chronic and persistent pain and discouraged by day-to-day limitations, then you have come to the right place.  We want you to get back to your life.  That's why we are open 5 days per week in our office in Charlotte, just off Pineville Matthews Rd (Hwy 51).  We have convenient hours to meet your busy life schedule.  We even feature same-day appointments in cases when pain arrives unexpectedly.  So, getting the care you need shouldn't be a hassle.

If you've been searching for a doctor that can get you back to being happy again, contact us today to book an appointment.  Find out for yourself why Thrive has a five star rating on Google Reviews.

Are You Ready To Take Your Health To The Next Level?

"Your body is designed to heal itself.  I want to give you the tools and knowledge so that you can do just that."

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Our mission is to Inspire and Empower each person and family in our community with the knowledge and tools to live life at a higher level.

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